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The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars is now available!

The original publication of Canal Priests Of Mars cut slightly over a third of author Marcus L. Rowland's manuscript to fit GDW's adventure format. The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars restores the cut material, features all new artwork by Paul Daly, and adds many useful player handouts. Enjoy the "author's cut" of a classic Space 1889 adventure, or experience it for the first time!

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TRMGS Volume Four

Originally planned for print publication, TRMGS Volume Four will remain available on the web, but probably won't see the light of day in print. See the news release to see why.

Table of Contents For TRMGS Volume Four

15 August 2000 The Weapons and Battles of the Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) by Dylan Craig The Anglo-Boer War was in many respects a new kind of war. Technologically, it saw the first use of some of the generation of weapons that are still with us today and the last use of a relic of 14th century warfare - the cavalry lance. In the moral sense, the Anglo-Boer War, while not inventing such concepts, also saw the first large-scale use of concentration camps for non-combatants, and the most prolonged period of guerilla warfare against a "victorious" army by the elements of the "conquered" nation's military. The article focuses on examining why the war took the form it did, and how this form was shaped by the weapons and tactics with which it was fought.

7 August 2000 Red Newgate: Her Majesty's Prison Syrtis Lapis, A Colonial Prison for Space: 1889 by John Gannon
As the British presence on Mars has grown with each passing year, more and more of their social systems have become established in the Martian Colony. In the Crown Colony of Syrtis Lapis, incarceration means prison, and prison means Red Newgate.

1 August 2000 Hot Potato, Dragon Style: An adventure for the 1850s Juncture of the Feng Shui RPG by Dylan Craig
The PCs are trying to get their hands on the contents of a cargo container which has been stolen from a warehouse, before agents of several other mysterious groups can do the same.

24 July 2000 The Maple Leaf Forever: Canada and Canadians in Space: 1889 by John Gannon
John fills in some detail on his earlier article on the Canadian military with this article on the people of Canada in 1889, and includes rules for generating more Canadian Space: 1889 characters.

17 July 2000 Drink, Flashy, Drink: A Guide To Encountering, Accompanying, Rescuing, And Confounding The Biggest Rogue In Victorian Fiction by Dylan Craig
An entertaining guide to using that scoundrel Flashman in your RPG, including stats for five(!) RPG systems, along with Flashman's own assessments of his skills.

9 July 2000 ...On Guard For Thee... The Canadian Military for Victorian-Era Games by John Gannon
John provides more detail on the Canadian Military in the late Victorian period, but focusing on the late 1880s, and how it might be deployed to Mars.

2 July 2000 Heart of Steel or, Life by the Minute by Dylan Craig
A Cautionary Tale of the Grim Reaches of Science -- And Subjects that Man Contemplates at his own Risk!!! This adventure is intended for use with Deadlands or Castle Falkenstein, but can easily be converted for use with any campaign with a Victorian (or even modern) setting.

25 June 2000 The Great War on Mars: A Soldier's Companion Scenario fought at Origins '99 by Paul Westermeyer
Space: 1889 in 1914! French and British Colonial troops use old, outdated equipment against German Colonial forces on Mars!

18 June 2000 The Army & Navy Club: A Gentlemen's Club for Space: 1889 by John Gannon
The A&N is a worthy addition to the your campaign setting as both a point of intrigue and a haven for well-deserved R&R. 

11 June 2000 The Syrtis Star: "All The News That Fits" by Mark Clark
New from Syrtis Major's finest paper.

7 May 2000 The Black Bird: A Space: 1889 Adventure by James L. Cambias
A beautiful inventor's widow needs your help to track down her husband's lost work.

24 April 2000 Siam In The 19th Century
A three part article all in one week (to cover last week, this week, and next week).

Siam In The 19th Century: A Short History of Siam by Chris Jones

 Siamese Timeline: An Alternate History of Siam In The 19th Century by Chris Jones

 The King And You: Siam In Space: 1889 by Chris Jones

 10 April 2000 Make Up Week! Five Articles To Make Up For The Drought!
The Puzzle Of The Shard by Loren Wiseman
A detailed Space: 1889 adventure in the Martian Polar Regions, orginally from Challenge Magazine #41.

The Wonders of Science by James Cambias
More inventions for Space: 1889 adventures (and plenty of hooks for GMs of Victorian Era games!). Expanded to nearly twice the size from the original article in Challenge Magazine #68.

Ether Society News #10 by Matt Goodman
Exciting news about Space: 1889 reprints, Forgotten Futures in print, and other Heliograph miscellany.

The TRMGS City Guide by Mark Clark
A helpful guide to what cities have appeared where in Space: 1889 publications.

The TRMGS Index To Challenge Magazine by James Cambias and Mark Clark
Mark's index of Space: 1889 articles in GDW's Challenge Magazine.

13 March 2000 Ships of the Line by Greg Porter
Four new ships and a scenario for Sky Galleons of Mars, originally printed in The Game Oracle #8 in 1991.

6 March 2000 Danger In The Skies! A Short Adventure For Space: 1889 by John Gannon
Pirates battle over Martian Skies in this adventure that'll fit easily into any campaign for Space: 1889 and Sky Galleons of Mars.

28 February 2000 Ye Can Always Tell A Yankee, But Ye Canna Tell 'im Much by Loren Wiseman
From Challenge #43, background on character generation for Americans in Space: 1889.

17 February 2000 Crummonds Koline Compendium: A Guide To The Trade Language of Mars in Space: 1889 by John Gannon 
All about Koline, with a short lexicon.

14 February 2000 Women Of Destiny: Beatrix Potter And Beatrice Potter
Part Two of Two by John Gannon
In 1889, 31 year old Beatrice is a rising public figure. Well known in the circles of government, a published author, and noted social reformer, Beatrice stands as the epitome of the independent, free-thinking Victorian Woman.

7 February 2000 Women Of Destiny: Beatrix Potter And Beatrice Potter
Part One of Two by John Gannon
Beatrix Potter is perhaps best known as the creator of Peter Rabbit, one of the most beloved children's storys of all time. Beatrix was far more than simply a writer of nursery tales. Includes an adventure seed for Victorian fantasy RPGs.

31 January 2000 Lydia Pinkham by J. Ruth Dempsey
Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound not only helped with "female discomforts", but it was also one of the world's best recognised brands in the 1890s. Was it the unicorn root? Or was it the alcohol? Another odd bit of Victoriana for your edification.

24 January 2000 A Bit Of History: Henry Chapman Mercer by Mark Clark
A truly eccentric 19th century inventor for your Victorian RPG! 

16 January 2000 Cthulhu: 1889 by Marcus Rowland
From Challenge Magazine #43, Marcus provides rules additions will help you set Call of Cthulhu adventures against the Space: 1889 background or run Space: 1889 adventures under Call of Cthulhu rules. It includes a scenario for Cthulhu 1889.

9 January 2000 A Mysterious Box by Mark Clark
Strange but true: Mark details a handy 19th century box for dealing with problems in Eastern Europe. 

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