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The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars is now available!

The original publication of Canal Priests Of Mars cut slightly over a third of author Marcus L. Rowland's manuscript to fit GDW's adventure format. The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars restores the cut material, features all new artwork by Paul Daly, and adds many useful player handouts. Enjoy the "author's cut" of a classic Space 1889 adventure, or experience it for the first time!

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The Syrtis Star: "All the News That Fits"

Turnbridge Escapes!

Miss Clarisa Turnbridge, the Mad Bomber of Syrtis Major, escaped early this morning just prior to being loaded aboard the etherliner Constance for shipment to Earth.  Details of the escape have not been released by authorities, but it does appear that a number of individuals were involved, including at least one police official.

Authorities have requested the aid of all citizens in apprehending Miss Turnbridge, but cautioned that she is to be considered armed and dangerous. Information about her whereabouts should be forwarded to the police - private citizens are warned not to confront her.

In a double surprise, authorities requested the aid of well-known detective Horace Manning in solving the case, but he has turned them down.  When asked by this reporter the reason for his refusal, Manning said "No woman who can make the kind of scones that Miss Turnbridge is capable of can be a criminal.  She is innocent, I tell you.  Now, where would you like to go for luncheon?"

War in the Coprates?

Tossia: Unconfirmed reports from Nectar indicate that troops loyal to the Prince of Copratia have invaded Belgian territory in an effort to end colonial rule.  Units of the Tossian army, as well as European soldiers of unknown origins, have been reported to be aiding the Prince's troops.  However, the Tossian government issued an official statement denying that its forces are involved.

The Belgian embassy to the Crown Colony went on record yesterday with a categorical denial that any invasion of its territory had taken place.  "There is the usual level of bandit activity, of course," said Ambassador Winkelman, "but nothing our colonial police can't handle on a routine basis."

Belgian policies in the Coprates have been widely criticized in recent years, most notably in the wake of the denial of travel permits requested by the board of the Martian Missionary Society.  The Society sought to investigate rumors of slavery in the Coprates, but have been unable to proceed in the face of official opposition by Belgian authorities.

Collision over Avenel

Avenel: The Royal Naval Attaché's Office reports that two warships of Her Majesty's fleet were damaged in an aerial collision yesterday.  The aerial ironclads HMS Gladiator and HMS Lord Byron collided over the King William IV Aerodrome near the Royal Arsenal at Avenel.  HMS Lord Byron, demasted in recent action against pirates in the Aerian Hills, was under tow by the tug HMS Solphates, when she suddenly parted her lines and drifted across the bows of HMS Gladiator.

Damage to HMS Lord Byron is extensive but limited to her bow.  Repairs shall be carried out at the newly completed Armstrong-Elswick Avenel Dockyards.  HMS Gladiator received no damage of note.  The Naval Office is happy to report that there was no loss of life, only minor injuries suffered among both air crews.  A Court of Inquiry will be held in the next few days.

Both ships are veterans of the Gorovaangian Wars.  HMS Lord Byron served as Rear-Admiral Hydownes' flagship at the Battle of the Nathallanian Gap.  HMS Gladiator was commanded by Captain Sir Anthony Maxton when it led Trellow's squadron in breaking the Hattian-Avenelian battleline at the Battle of Stattash.  Recently, HMS Gladiator single-handidly defeated two Oenotrian Hullcutters in close action while supporting Lieutenant General Wood's First Column.

British Reinforcements To Be Sent To Mars

London: In an announcement made earlier today, the Prime Minister's office confirmed that additional troops from both the British and Indian Armies will be sent to Mars. This announcement follows several weeks of critical discussions in both houses of Parliament as to the direction of the Oenotrian War in general and the conduct of the Martian Colonial Troops in particular:
"It has become plainly and painfully obvious," said Sir Roland Palliser, MP for Barchester, "that the Martian soldiers are simply not up to the rigors of modern warfare." He went on to say that the increased British commitment to the Oenotrian War should make it plain to all that Britain will do all that is necessary to secure victory.
At least two British units, the Lancashire Fusiliers and the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry have already been placed on alert. "We're ready to go and do our part", said Lt. Colonel Sir Peter Barker, commanding officer of the KOYLI. He added that the officers and men of his battalion have full faith and confidence in the final victory of British arms. Other units mentioned as possible re-inforcements include the Buffs, the Scottish Rifles, and the Gordon Highlanders. The 1st Bombay Grenadiers of the Indian Army have also received orders to prepare for the long journey. According to reports they are to be joined by a battalion of Gurkhas and the 1st Sikhs of Punjab Frontier Force fame.
Sir Roland Palliser said, "Now, by thunder, those blasted Oenotrians will feel the full wrath of the British Empire!"

Hawthorne Seen in Karkarham

Karkarham: Captain Niles Hawthorne, captain of the Aurora, was seen in Karkarham.  He and his crew were in the city only briefly, and left late last week for parts unknown.  German authorities are still looking for Hawthorne's companions, Major Esterhazy-Mueller and the Duke of Bernay - a substantial reword is still on offer to anyone who can put the pair in contact with the German embassy.

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