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The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars is now available!

The original publication of Canal Priests Of Mars cut slightly over a third of author Marcus L. Rowland's manuscript to fit GDW's adventure format. The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars restores the cut material, features all new artwork by Paul Daly, and adds many useful player handouts. Enjoy the "author's cut" of a classic Space 1889 adventure, or experience it for the first time!

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TRMGS Volume One

TRMGS 1 Small Cover TRMGS Volume One contains an ether-flyer full of adventures and background for Space: 1889. As a special bonus, it also includes several articles and adventures for Call of Cthulhu. See our Buy It! page for information on buying a print copy. We'll be adding links from the Table of Contents below to sample articles over time. If you click on the cover pic, you'll download a larger version (176kb).

Table of Contents for TRMGS Volume One

The Origins of TRMGS by Mark Clark 1
Notes from the Publisher by Matt Goodman 5
Issue One, Fall 1991by Mark Clark 6
Editorial by Mark Clark 8
Syrtis Star 11
Cthulhu 1889 by Matthew Ruane 12
The Transactions Campaign: Mutiny on the Majestic by Mark Clark 15
HMS Majestic Deck Plans by Robert Prior 18
Player Characters for the Transactions Campaign 26
Plebeians & Personages: Colonel Ian O’Reilly, ARI by Mark Clark 28
Ethersuits and Ethernauts by Matthew J. Ruane 30
In the Field with the Royal Gashant Corps by Baxter Cloham as reported by B. Lee Kendall and Mark Clark 34
Integrating Space: 1889 and Sky Galleons of Mars by Mark Clark 36
A Bit Of History: Oberlin Smith by Mark Clark 38
Issue Two, Later in 1991 by Mark Clark 40
Editorial by Mark Clark 42
Guest Editorial by Matthew "Deep One" Ruane 42
Syrtis Star 45
Deep Green Sleep by Matthew Ruane 46
HMS Conquerer Deck Plans by Robert Prior 51
Steam Punk 1920 by Mark Clark 55
Steam Punk 1920 Equipment by Matt Ruane 59
The Transactions Campaign: Secret of the Pyramid by Mark Clark 61
Plebeians & Personages: Lionel Bartholomew Tyler by John M. Corradin 66
Edward’s Guide to Syrtis Major: The Legation Compound by Steve Whitmore 69
The Parhooni Telephone and Telegraph Service by Mark Clark 75
The United States Army Infantry in 1889 by Brian Kendall 80
Cloud Captain’s Corner: Large Oenotrian Ships by Jeff Boyle 83
A Bit of History: Rudyard Kipling by Mark Clark 87
Issue 3, April 1992 by Mark Clark 89
Editorial by Mark Clark 91
Cthulhu Rodeo by Matthew J. Ruane 93
Syrtis Star 103
The Transactions Campaign: The Cathedral Plot by Mark Clark 104
Equipage & Accouterments: A Luxury Yacht by Jon Bahls 111
Edward’s Guide to Mars: The Residency by Steve Whitmore and Matt Ruane 113
Plebeians & Personages: Bruce Hyde by Ken Megill 120
The Natural Resources of Mars by Mark Clark 123
Victoria’s Defenders: Victoria’s Soldiers by B. Lee Kendall 129
A Bit of History: H. G. Wells by Lee McCormick and Mark Clark 131
Issue 4, Later in 1992 by Mark Clark 135
Editorial by Mark Clark 135
Where No Englishman Has Gone Before by Ken Megill 137
The Transactions Campaign: The ARI Strikes Back by Jon Bahls and Mark Clark 141
Syrtis Star 153
Parachutes by Mark Clark 154
The Spice Plantations by Jeff Boyle 158
Something Fishy at Fort Delaware Original Idea by Mark Clark Written by Matthew Ruane 159
The Zalinski Dynamite Gun by Mark Clark 166
Edward’s Guide to Syrtis Major: The Bradley House by John Gannon 169
English Architecture on Mars, or Why do I feel like I’m in Kenya? by W.A. Edwards as reported by Steve Whitmore 172
Plebeians and Personages: Edward Rutledge III by Steve Whitmore 174
Cloud Captain’s Corner: Micro Hulls by Steve Whitmore 176
Small Estates on Mars by Matt Ruane 179
Those Nightmare Wings by Matthew Ruane 182
Victoria’s Defenders: From Worst To First by Brian Kendall 183
A Bit of History: Sir Richard Burton (1821-1890) by Jeff Boyle 185
The Royal Martian Geographic Society’s Guide to Space:1889 Products by Mark Clark 188
An Index for Space: 1889 Material in Challenge Magazine by James L. Cambias and Mark Clark 190
Index 192

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