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WHAT'S NEW? Updated Monday, 04-May-2009 18:21:20 EDT

Space: 1889 PDFs Now Available From e23!

Space: 1889 PDFs are now available from These PDFs use Heliograph's scans from the print publications, but return the color pages to the core Space: 1889 book as well as Conklin's Atlas. It also includes Space: 1889 cardboard heroes and 11"x17" color deckplans from Cloudships and Gunboats, as well as the large scale color maps from Sky Galleons of Mars. With the exception of the Sky Galleons/Cloudships and Gunboats combination, the PDFs are offered as separate titles, unlike the double book format used for many of the print editions.

Please see to purchase and download these PDFs.

Old news is still available on the News Page.

The deckplans that appear in TRMGS Volume One are in greyscale, and didn't reproduce as well as we'd like. Here are the original color versions.

Scale for these drawings, File Size 858
Conquerer Deck One, File Size 186K
Conquerer Deck Two, File Size 144K
Conquerer Deck Three Forward, File Size 22K
Conquerer Deck Three Aft, File Size 28K

Posted Monday, 04-May-2009 19:48:47 EDT

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