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The original publication of Canal Priests Of Mars cut slightly over a third of author Marcus L. Rowland's manuscript to fit GDW's adventure format. The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars restores the cut material, features all new artwork by Paul Daly, and adds many useful player handouts. Enjoy the "author's cut" of a classic Space 1889 adventure, or experience it for the first time!

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Plebeians & Personages:

Lionel Bartholomew Tyler

The Tyler Foundation, and its subsidiaries The Tyler Museum of Martians Antiquities, The Tyler Free Martian Library, The Tyler Liftwood Research and Development Center, The Tyler Institute of Martian Studies, and Tyler Town.

by John M. Corradin

"Gentlemen... and Ladies, while knowledge may be the key to power and understanding, it's resources that grease the wheels of progress."
Lionel B. Tyler

As a gamemaster there are often times when your hardy adventurers are in desperate need of money or information. Although you may wish to afford them access to the knowledge and resources they need, many scenario designs do not allow for governmental involvement and "Deus ex machina" never sits quite right. It is precisely for these occasions that an independent agency such as The Tyler Foundation and its subsidiaries can function as the perfect liaison between a gamemaster and his players. Lionel Tyler is young, impetuous, devoted, patriotic, and enterprising. It is hard to imagine a venture that could not procure Tyler's involvement. Although rash and overly excitable, Tyler has a brilliant business mind and will gain assurances as to his share of the profits before proceeding.


Lionel Tyler was born in Boston with a silver spoon in his mouth and a railroad spike in his hand. His parents -- a mongrel immigrant turned self-made millionaire railroad tycoon and a proper Bostonian who traced her family lineage to English royalty -- lavished him with everything a lad could desire. His father saw in him the heir to his expanding financial empire, while his mother's dreams ran to politics and the presidency. It was not long, however, before Lionel had outpaced their dreams. At age three he was well versed in the three R's; he entered high school at age eight; graduated from Harvard prior to his twelfth birthday; then went on to Cambridge where, at age 14, he matriculated magna cum laude. Much to the chagrin of this parents, however, neither politics nor business captured his imagination. Rather he was drawn to the mysterious and the unknown and took his degrees in Archaeology and Structural Engineering.

After nearly three years of dabbling in a variety of earthbound endeavors, Lionel grew bored... the doors were always open, the roads always paved, and he could not escape his parent's shadow. On March 11, 1889, at age 18, Tyler first set foot on Martian soil with one month's allowance (£1200) and his faithful bodyguard Ironhead. Within the month he had become an integral part of a team which not only defeated the an unnamed European power in an encounter, but also uncovered the greatest archaeological find in recent Martian historythe Burial Tomb of Seldon XXXVII. His career skyrocketed from there. In quick succession Tyler led teams on excavations of an ancient Martian temple (circa 141 BC) and of a partially-operational pumping station deep beneath a mountain in the Shastapsh Range. Tyler invested the monies he garnered from these projects (substantial payments from several Earth governments for services and goods received are rumored to be part of his compensation). With funds from his lucrative investments, Tyler built his foundation and its subsidiaries. Each subsidiary organization has its own unique goals and agendas; and each, too, must stand on its own financial feet.


"There is no difficulty that can not be overcome by a quick wit, a good book, and a suitable application of high explosives."
Lionel B. Tyler

Uncovering the mysteries of the Red Planet is the primary motivator of Tyler and his many corporate arms. Any venture which delves into Mars' past is irresistible to him. He will insist that in return for the research information and resources he expends that, in addition to his fair share of booty, he receives the right to study and exhibit all artifacts recovered. The secondary goal of The Tyler Foundation and its subsidiaries is the expansion of Tyler's financial empire. Tyler firmly believes that the achievement of his primary goal is limited only by the size of the resource pool from which he can draw. To this end, he will invest in endeavors which he feel will be potentially profitable, even if the profits accumulate only over a long period of time. Finally, Tyler is a American patriot. He will support any effort to solidify the American presence on Mars and will comply with all reasonable requests by the American government for aid.

Lionel Tyler, Tyler Foundation (Archaeologist, Engineer, Investor)
     Strength: 1          Intellect: 7
     Agility: 2           Charisma: 4
     Endurance: 3         Social Level: 6

Skills: Stealth 2, Foraging 2, Mountaineering 3, Mapping 2, Observation 6, Structural Engineering 4, Explosives 5, Naval Architecture 2, Earthworks 3, Physics 3, Chemistry 3, Biology 3, Geology 4, Archaeology 6, Eloquence 4, Bargaining 3, Linguistics 5 (German 2, Parhooni 3, Songaaryani 4, Koline 3, Khallane 3), Riding 5 (Horse 5, Camel 2, Elephant 3, Gashant 4, Ruumet Breehr 2), Piloting 1 (Sailing Vessel), Leadership 2, Medicine 1.

Note: Tyler is a very experienced adventurer, and his skills reflect this. Although his Intellect is given as 7 (a score not normally possible in the Space: 1889 system), this score applies only to projects where he has time to think and study. Under stress Tyler will often do rather stupid things, explaining later that "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Jake "Ironhead" Nagurski,  (Mechanic, Foreman, Bodyguard)
     Strength: 5          Intellect: 1
     Agility: 4           Charisma: 3
     Endurance: 6         Social Level : 2

Skills: Fisticuffs 5, Throwing 2, Close Combat 6 (Bashing Weapons), Stealth 3, Marksmanship 3 (Pistol 3, Rifle 3), Mechanics 4 (Steam 4, Machinist 3), Mapping 4, Foraging 2, Observation 3, Explosives 2, Bargaining 2, Riding (Horse 4, Gashant 2), Leadership 2, Medicine 2.

Note: Jake is a burly, work-hardened, ex-railroad gang foreman and mechanic. Just after Lionel's birth, his father chose Jake to act as the young boy's companion and bodyguard. Since that day, the two have been virtually inseparable. Nicknamed "Ironhead" by Tyler for his ability to take punishment as well as dish it out, Jake keeps in shape by carrying Tyler's copious personal library wherever they wander. A likeable chap with a broad smile, Jake is pleasant company though he is overprotective of the young Tyler.

Encounter Ideas

As noted previously, virtually any adventure design can utilize The Tyler Foundation. Adventurers can bring unidentifiable or mysterious items, inscriptions, and rituals to Tyler for explanation and/or for profit. The Tyler Free Martian Library contains a copy of every available text published about Mars or written by a Martian, including maps and other reference materials. Tyler also maintains a private collection of rare and one-of-a-kind Martian tomes, many of which he is only now beginning the process of translating.

Tyler himself cannot resist an excavation and will accompany any reasonable venture proposed. His favorite projects involve ancient Martian scientific sites, but any dig will pique his interest. Tyler espouses the theory that, since Martians have eight digits on their hands, the ancient Martian culture revolved around the number eight and that their mathematics system used base eight. Tyler is fond of citing the facts that ancient sites are often circular containing eight spokes and that all distances are in multiples of eight. Thus, the smallest find can lead to a significant discovery if this theory is properly applied by archeologists.

Tyler's personal idiosyncrasies and pet projects can also be used to draw him into an adventure. Among his projects is the development of a Martian railway system. Considering his background, Tyler knows the enormous profits which can be generated by successfully linking the various areas on Mars. Since much of the Martian landscape is still unknown to Earthmen, Tyler is eager to be represented on expeditions to previously unexplored territories on the off chance he can procure future rail rights. Tyler is also preoccupied with liftwood which he finds entirely fascinating and grossly underdeveloped as a resource. Tyler believes there is potential profit in the cultivation of liftwood. Expeditions to liftwood forests, evidence of subspecies, or the possible discovery of alternative uses of liftwood all will intrigue him.

Finally, Tyler is an explosives expert. Although he never carries hand weapons, Tyler always travels with several cases of dynamite. He appears to experience intense carnal enjoyment from witnessing explosions. Projects calling for the use of explosives will likewise entice him.

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