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The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars is now available!

The original publication of Canal Priests Of Mars cut slightly over a third of author Marcus L. Rowland's manuscript to fit GDW's adventure format. The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars restores the cut material, features all new artwork by Paul Daly, and adds many useful player handouts. Enjoy the "author's cut" of a classic Space 1889 adventure, or experience it for the first time!

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Old news is still available on the News Page.


All The News That Fits

Play to Open Tonight

The Royal Opera House, Syrtis Major, announces the opening of "The Gondoliers," a new opera by Mssrs. Gilbert and Sullivan which will have its first performance on Mars tonight at eight p.m. sharp. Tickets are still available at eight shillings each from the theater box office. Tonight's troupe has recently arrived from London, where it completed a fifty show run at the Savoy Theater. The producer of many Gilbert and Sullivan operas, D'Oyly Carte, has arrived with the actors to ensure that tonight's opening will be the grandest yet at the Royal Opera House.

Crime on the Increase

Government Warns Travellers

Syrtis Major Both Her Majesty's Government and the Martian Royal Palace warn travellers to Syrtis Major of a sudden increase in crimes of the person among the European community of our city. Most of the crimes have occurred between nine p.m. and three a.m., and seemed to be centered in the harbor district. The city's police Commissioner, Sir Harris Golden, has reported that the majority of crimes have been committed by groups of young children, both Martian and human. Children held for questioning by the authorities tell remarkably similar stories to the police. All are orphans who became involved in assaults on wealthy Europeans when a man in a black coat recruited them by promising them three square meals a day and spending money. Most remarkably, the authorities report that the man goes by the name Oliver Twist. Whether this is merely a game among rebellious youths or the tip of a criminal empire, no one yet knows.

Police inquiries are continuing.

Burnaby Captures Two

28 July, Parhoon The Governor of Parhoon has reported to Royal Navy authorities in Syrtis Major that an aerial battle has taken place between two Oenotrian screw galleys and the aerial flyer Penelope, captained by Frederick Gustavus Burnaby. Burnaby, one of the most famous of the Red Captains, submitted a brief note to Her Majesty's authorities which explained his actions. Burnaby, returning to Parhoon for supplies, stated that he was set upon by modified Swiftbird screw galleys which mistook his vessel for a Royal Navy aerial flyer.

Burnaby and his crew drove off one vessel by inflicting crippling damage, and managed to capture a second, while suffering only minor damage in return. This places the number of vessels captured or destroyed by Burnaby at twenty-seven. Captured crew members were turned over to Her Majesties' authorities in Parhoon. The captured vessel was estimated to be worth 1000 pounds sterling in salvage.

Grenouille Expedition Returns

The survivors of the ill-fated Grenouille expedition have just returned to Syrtis Major. Dr. Jonathan Hollingsworth, after seeing to the hospitalization of his fellow expedition members, read a brief statement. He confirmed the death of Dr. Grenouille and all other members of the original expedition, the only survivors being the visiting scientific team Dr. Hollingsworth accompanied to the dig site. Dr. Hollings- worth went on to say that the deaths were due to a raid by Martian tribesmen, and that rumors circulating about ritual mutilations and Martian vampires were totally untrue. Dr. Hollingsworth also said that the scientific team had found a secret chamber under the site, but he would not say what was found there.

From our Thymiamata correspondent:


Come, O Sally, come away,
On the Earth no longer stay.
Throw not charms like thine away
	(Sally, turn and flee):
There you work the livelong day-
Only think what paltry pay,
The sum of twenty cents a day,
	(For girls like you and me!)
Here we have a woman's right,
Paid like men - in gold so bright -
This to me is pure delight
	(Sally, how it shines!)
Here we have no winter snows, 
Dress all the year in summer clothes -
Then there's lots and lots of beaux
	(In all the Martian mines)
There's Cloud Captains, first of all,
Some are large and some are small,
Some are very, very tall;
	(Sally, can't you come?)
Some go drest in gashantskin coats,
Some wear beards as long as goats:
All are "sowing their wild oats,"
	(Really, there are "some").
Then we've miners young and old,
Some have heaping piles of gold
To buy the hearts of maidens bold.
	(Sally, they're the kind!)
Lawyers, too, a "fancy" class,
With smiling faces full of brass,
But they're always spouting gas!
	(And wouldn't suit your mind.)
We've merchants, too, of every kind,
They to charms are never blind;
Some have purses silken lined
	(Sally, think they'd do?)
We've farmers too, a mixed-up lot,
With ranches wild and "peaceful cot"
Good or bad, it matters not.
	(Their pike's too small for you!)
Again I call you, ere I close,
Leave that land of frost and snows.
Come where milk and honey flows
	(Sally, what a home!)
Where roses bloom without a thorn, 
Where ancient maids ne're die forlorn,
and all are happy (in a horn),
	(Do, O Sally come!)

Peakefellow's Tonic Here

Dr. Peakefellow's Famous Vegetable Tonic and Elixir is now available at Marbury and Mason, retailers of fine consumables. Recent shipments of the this celebrated tonic have just been received at their establishments in Syrtis Major and Meepsoor. Dr. Peakefellow's Vegetable Tonic and Elixir is guaranteed to improve your health, as well as ridding your body of all medical complaints. Available for only 4 shillings per fortnight supply. Guaranteed all natural ingredients and the best sparkling water money can buy. Buy the one and only‹

Peakefellow's Vegetable Tonic and Elixir.

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