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The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars is now available!

The original publication of Canal Priests Of Mars cut slightly over a third of author Marcus L. Rowland's manuscript to fit GDW's adventure format. The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars restores the cut material, features all new artwork by Paul Daly, and adds many useful player handouts. Enjoy the "author's cut" of a classic Space 1889 adventure, or experience it for the first time!

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Old news is still available on the News Page.

Ether Society News #10

10 April 2000

Normally the editor of TRMGS, Mark Clark, writes the Ether Society News, but I have a bunch of announcements to make about Space: 1889 and related material, so yours truly, Matt Goodman, publisher of TRMGS and president of Heliograph, Inc., is writing this installment.

What's Up With TRMGS?

After releasing weekly articles for eight months, we stumbled a bit in March and skipped a few. This was largely due to me getting some icky bug right before the GAMA Trade Show (more on the GTS later) and then being really busy with other problems afterwards. But we should be back on track now, and we're making it up with five(!) new articles this week.

That Big Announcement -- Space: 1889 Is Back In Print!

The big annoucement I promised before going off to GTS? Space: 1889 will be back in print this summer. Under an agreement with Frank Chadwick, Heliograph will be reprinting all of the GDW Space: 1889 titles with one exception: The Soldier's Companion. Frank is writing an update to that book tenatively titled Colonial Glory, release date TBD. CG won't have the Victorian science fiction bits in it (tripods, etc), but if the Space: 1889 reprints sell well, they may release an expansion, or we may print the additional rules in TRMGS.

The other titles will be available this summer, barring printing disasters. They'll all be softcover books with black and white interiors (no interior color, sorry!), but unlike other Heliograph books, they will be full size reprints (8.25" by 11"). They're all currently at the printer, but there are some problems that may take some time to sort out, but the books should definitely be available by Origins (mid-July). The shorter books will be released in "double adventure" format, where the book has both covers from the originals.

Code Title SRP ISBN
SPACE1889 Space: 1889 $29.95 0-9668926-9-0
HG1901 Tales from the Ether & More Tales from the Ether $19.95 1-930658-01-X
HG1902 Beastmen of Mars & Canal Priests of Mars $19.95 1-930658-03-6
HG1903 Caravans of Mars & Steppelords of Mars $19.95 1-930658-02-8
HG1904 Sky Galleons of Mars & Cloudships and Gunboats $18.95 1-930658-04-4
HG1905 Cloud Captians of Mars & Conklin's Atlas of the Worlds $21.95 1-930658-00-1
HG1891 Ironclads and Ether Flyers $17.95 1-930658-05-2

These books will be exact reprints of the originals: not one word has been omitted! For the main Space: 1889 book, we've included the errata and extra rules from the Referee's Screen, and the Sky Galleons book only contains the rules, ship diagrams, and errata from Challenge 43: since it is only a black and white book, it doesn't contain the items from the boxed sets (dice, big deck plans, plastic ships, cardboard figures, etc).

And What About New Space: 1889 Material?

Aside from the new articles each week in TRMGS, our agreement with Frank only covers two "new" Space: 1889 books. One will be The Complete Canal Priests of Mars. When Marcus Rowland originally wrote Canal Priests, it didn't fit into GDW's 64 page adventure book format, so 15,000 words were cut from the final book. Heliograph's Complete Canal Priests will publish the original, longer version of Canal Priests with a planned release date sometime in late 2000.

The other project is the announced but unpublished Space: 1889 novel. We don't have a release date for that book (it's not finished yet), but we do have permission to publish it once it is completed.

Other than the reprints and those two books, we don't have any other agreement with Frank, so if you're a game company owner and would like to license the Space: 1889 RPG, you're free to negotiate with Frank for the property.

Part of our ad push for Space: 1889 includes a new URL! We'll try to maintain the site and make it your one-stop shop for Space: 1889. Right now the old unofficial Heliograph Space: 1889 site is a placeholder for it, but this month all of that will be going away, and we'll be replacing it with a variety of current material, including Rob Prior's popular deck plans.

Gonna Party Like It's 1899

Apparently the rollover of computers all over the world to 1900 has had a definite impact Steve Jackson Games. Y2K is going to be a very good year for GURPS fans of Victorian Science Fiction gaming. The third and fourth quarters of 2000 will see four Victorian Era titles from SJG:

GURPS Castle Falkenstein
GURPS Old West (Second Edition)
GURPS Steampunk
GURPS Deadlands

For more information, see the SJG website: Fnord.

Other companies are releasing all sorts of Victorian stuff too, but I haven't nailed down details yet, so I'll report more on that later.

The Future's Not What It Used To Be

Heliograph's not slouching through 2000 either! This year will see the release of at least six books in Marcus Rowland's Forgotten Futures series. Two are available now, and at least four more should see the light of day before the end of the year. For the two that are available now, you might want to wait until the revised versions are out (which I'll announce on the Heliograph and FF sites). I won't be adding the two books until I'm happy with them, and while you can buy them now, both books have problems, and I'm a perfectionist (believe it or not). In any case, rev. 1 of both books should be available before the month is out.

Next Issue

In next month's installment (yep, I plan on doing this monthly) I'll talk about the eerie revival in Victorian Era miniatures, some musings on GTS and how it'll impact Space: 1889 distribution, and have some positive things to say about Forgotten Futures.

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