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City Description Guide for Space: 1889

by Mark Clark

The following is an index to descriptions of cities mentioned in Space: 1889 source material. The index includes all sourcebooks published by GDW, Challenge Magazine (also published by GDW), the adventure module Liftwood Conspiracy published by 3W, Transactions of the Royal Martian Geographical Society (TRMGS) published by Heliograph, Inc., and The Familiar magazine. TRMGS material is indexed using page numbers from the Heliograph reprints, not the original fanzine.

Please note that the extent of description varies a great deal, depending on the particular source. Some city descriptions include maps, detailed descriptions of locations, and a run-down of the political and economic situation. Others are barely more than a paragraph, giving only very general information. I have also included references to adventures set in cities, if those adventures contain any city description material at all.

For those interested in writing for TRMGS, I might note that no city descriptions exist for the Oenotrian Empire, the Boreosyrtis League, the Tossian Empire, or the Belgian Coprates. The German trade stations in Western Dioscuria on Mars and all of the colonies on Venus other than the German one are also undetailed. So get to it!


General Information

Main Rule Book, pp. 160-161, 168-171

Conklins, pp. 72-75 (generating statistics for Martian cities)


Challenge #54


Caravans of Mars, pp. 54-61


Tales from the Ether, p. 52-63


TRMGS 2, 25-28 (shipyards only)


Conklins, p. 65

TRMGS 2, pp. 10-16; 59-64


Challenge # 59

Euxinus Lacus

TRMGS 3, "Red Sun Rising"


TRMGS 3, "The Martian City of Fadath"


Canal Priests of Mars, pp. 48-53


Beastmen of Mars, pp. 30-31

Challenge # 60


Beastmen of Mars, p. 31

Hecate Lacus

TRMGS 2, pp. 115-120

Idaeus Fons

TRMGS 2, pp. 153-158

TRMGS 3, "Idaeus Fons"


Cloud Captains of Mars, pp. 30-56


Challenge # 69, 70

Moeris Lacus

Steppelords of Mars, pp. 22-23


The Familiar # 2

Reprinted here:


Challenge # 55


Challenge #53


Beastmen of Mars, p. 30


Steppelords of Mars, pp. 62-63

Challenge # 76

TRMGS 3, "Journey To Shastapsh"

Syrtis Major

Main Rule Book, page 162-163

Beastmen of Mars, pp. 9-21 (Bazaar District)

TRMGS 1, pp. 69-74; 104-110; 113-119; 169-171

TRMGS 2, pp. 29-32, 88-89


Liftwood Conspiracy, p. 59


Challenge, issues 49-51


General Information

Main Rule Book, 194-195

Conklins, pp. 20-21


Main Rule Book, p. 195

Conklins, p. 22


Selenite Village

Main Rule Book, p. 143

City of Light and Science

Conklins, pp. 76-80

Tales from the Ether, pp. 35-38


General Information

Challenge # 65


Princess Christiana Station

Conklins, p. 12

Tales from the Ether p. 8

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