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The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars is now available!

The original publication of Canal Priests Of Mars cut slightly over a third of author Marcus L. Rowland's manuscript to fit GDW's adventure format. The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars restores the cut material, features all new artwork by Paul Daly, and adds many useful player handouts. Enjoy the "author's cut" of a classic Space 1889 adventure, or experience it for the first time!

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An Index for Space:1889 Material in Challenge Magazine

By James L. Cambias and Mark Clark

See the TRMGS Index To Space: 1889 Products For Other Materials.

#34 "Cloudship Design" Frank Chadwick
    "Ironclads and Ether Flyers: Designer's Notes" Frank Chadwick
    "The Canals of Mars" Marc W. Miller
    "The Ether" Marc W. Miller
    "A Smoking Flax" brad r hay and Lester W. Smith
        [Scenario for Sky Galleons of Mars]

Note: There is also a center pullout with text from the Space: 1889 rules.
      Aside from "A Smoking Flax" the above articles cover material
      that is in the Space: 1889 rules.  This is the first issue of
      Challenge that contains Space: 1889 material.

#35 "Victorian Times and Society" Howard Whitehouse
        [Background material]

#36 "Darkness Falls From the Air" Marcus Rowland
        [Additional rules for Sky Galleons of Mars]

#37 "From Above and Below" Kevin Stein
        [Scenario for Sky Galleons of Mars]

#38 "A Journey to Oblivion" Timothy B. Brown
        [Hill Martian adventure]

#39 "Ether Ship Etiquette" Greg Novak
        [background material]

#40 "More Weapons" Bret A. Foland and Lester W. Smith
        [new equipment}
    "A Simple Conversion Guide for Flying Vessels" Stephan Lawrence
        [building ships for Sky Galleons of Mars]

#41 "Surprise at Clearwater" Bret A. Foland and Lester W. Smith
        [Scenario for Sky Galleons of Mars]
    "The Puzzle of the Shard" Loren K. Wiseman
        [adventure at the Martian polar regions]

#42 "The Biology of Liftwood" Marcus L. Rowland
        [background material]

#43 "Secrets of the Ancients" Lester W. Smith
    [Adventure on Mars at a canal pumping station]

#43 "Ye Can Always Tell a Yankee But ye Canna Tell 'im Much"
	 Loren K. Wiseman  
	 [Creating American Characters]

#43 "Cthulhu:1889" Marcus L. Rowland
   	[Conversion rules for Space:1889 to Call of Cthulhu]

#44 "Windsinger Saga" Van Siegling
        [Scenario for Sky Galleons of Mars]

#45 "Mercury: The Nodding World" David S. F. Portee
        [Description and Adventure on Mercury]

#46 "The Tree of Souls" Eric W. Haddock
        [Adventure on Mars]

#47 "Fist of Allah" Theodore J. Kocot and H. Michael Lybarger
        [Adventure in Egypt]

#48 "Time Voyager" James L. Cambias 
   	[Time travel adenture in the far future]

#49 "Thymiamata:1889" Neil V. Young
   [Description of Martian city-state Thymiamata part 1]

#50 "Thymiamata: 1889" Neil V. Young
        [Description of Martian city-state Thymiamata part 2]

#51 "Thymiamata: 1889" Neil V. Young
        [Description of Martian city-state Thymiamata part 3]

#52 "Dwellers in the Dark" James L. Cambias
    	[Adventures on the Dark Side of Mercury]
#53 "Noorlan Revolt" James L. Cambias
    	[Coup d'Etat in a Martian city]
#54 "City of Death" James L. Cambias
    	[Death cultists in a ruined city -- one of James's favorite titles]
#55 "Imprisoned in Noachis" James L. Cambias
    	[Jailbreak in a Martian city]
#56 "Valley of the Hunters" James L. Cambias
    	[Adventure on Venus]
#57 "SubAfrican" W.G. Armintrout
    	[Solitare Adventure in a submersible]
#58 "Dioscuria" James L. Cambias
    	[Description of the Martian city-state Dioscuria]
#59 "Escape From Dioscuria" James L. Cambias
    	[Adventure using the city described in 58]
#60 "Cult of Doom" James L. Cambias
    	[Another great title -- seeking the cause of unrest in Gorovaan]
#61 "Tom Fleet and his Steam Colossus" James L. Cambias 
	[Creation and Adventure with giant Steampunk robots]
#62 "Monastery of Tasharvan" James L. Cambias
    	[ancient horrors lurking in a ruined Martian monastery]
#63 "Magical Mystery Tour" James L. Cambias
    	[accompanying a stage magician sent to impress Martian natives]

#64 "Krolik Run" Andy Slack
        [Stealing a herd of Martian rabbits (really!)]

#65 "Moon of Madness" James L. Cambias
    	[Seeking the fate of a lost expedition on Phobos]
#66 "Secret of the Lost City" James L. Cambias
    	[Wrecked in a hidden land in South America]

#67 "To Rescue a Fair Lady" Craig Sheeley
        [Rescue a Martian princess]

#68  "Science Marches On" James L. Cambias
    	[New inventions]
#69 "Melas: Portrait of a Martian city" James L. Cambias 
	[Description of Martian city-state Melas]
#70 "Treasure of Melas" James L. Cambias
    	[Seeking a hidden fortune in occupied Melas]
#71 "Secret of the Swamp" James L. Cambias
    	[Battling pirates and Oenotrians in the Mylomeroean Swamp]

#72 "Wreck of the Sloop John B." J. B. Hill
        [Investigate a Martian ruin and meet Imperial Knoe Shoshu]

#73 "The Playing Fields of Mars" James L. Cambias
    	[A personal favorite -- child characters battling Fenians aboard a
	canal steamer]

#74 "Twenty Thousand Leagues Through Martian Skies" Terry Sophian
        [Investigate the rare Martian Sky Dragon]

#75 No Space: 1889 article (all Traveller issue)

#76 "Mission to Shastapsh" James L. Cambias
    [Trying to get an American privateer to stop attacking British ships]
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